'Ott-Lite' - The Perfect Beading Lamp.

Q: The 'Ott-Lite', a lightweight, portable, full-spectrum, fluorescent lamp is now available through 'Chevron Trading Post & Bead Company'. Its true color feature gives beaders better visibility, with less glare, and less eyestrain. The lamp also folds to a compact package that protects the bulb and has a carrying handle.

A: Just purchased 2 'OTT-LITES', a floor lamp for 69.99, and the small "travel type" one for 39.99 at 'Office Depot'. Thanks to the gals at 'The Upper Midwest Bead Retreat' for telling me where to get a good deal on the 'OTT-LITE'. I also purchased my 'Ott-lite' from 'Office Depot' for $43.00 including shipping (there was no local store). However, be aware that the light 'Office Depot' carries is not the 'Ott-lite' pioneered, and developed by 'Ott' himself. The actual 'Ott' company, which is in Florida, specializes in lights with TWO features: natural spectrum light, and EM shielding. The light from 'Office Depot' is not EM shielded. I use it constantly, and I love it, but since I bought it, 'Ott' has developed a competing portable light, and is starting to be competitive on pricing - I've seen some good sales on their portable and standing models. Their number is 800-842-8848. Also, their products are carried in a catalog called 'Clotilde'. Their number is 800-545-4002. 'Ott' pioneered electro-magnetic shielding for computer users and natural spectrum light at least 15 years ago. I got my portable 'Ott Lite' from 'Hofcraft' (http://www.hofcraft.com) for $49. It's been a few months, so I don't know if it's still that price. When I was looking, I did a web search, and found 'Hofcraft' and some other companies who sell it. I didn't know about the 'Office Depot' version at the time. I'm interested in these postings regarding the price of the 'Ott-Lite'. I recently purchased one directly from the company in Tampa for $69.00 plus 'S&H', which brought the total to nearly $78.00. I wonder if the lights being purchased for $39-$49.00 are actually the same lights. The one I have is called a "Task Light". It turns on automatically when it is opened to either the horizontal position, or the vertical position. It shuts off when folded closed. The base is also designed to allow wall mounting of the fixture. The registration card indicates that there is an 'Ott-Lite Portable 1x2', and 'Ott-Lite Compact 1x2'. I do not know what the company's suggested price for these units are. Is this the same one that everyone has been posting about? If anyone would like to see a picture of the lamp that I have, I could send a jpeg file for you to see.