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Plain Metal Beads???

Q: I think part of the problem is that you have to figure out from hundreds of types of beads what you're looking for. The ones I've seen are heavy (apparently solid metal) mirror/shiny finish, plated, and gold/silver colored. Does anyone know what these are called in the 'bead vernacular'?

A: Try calling shipwrecked beads and describing what you want to their customer service people. I would bet that they carry what you want; they have a very extensive selection of metal beads. Also, if you live in a larger urban area, chances are that there is a good bead shop that you could check into. Try the 'Yellow Pages' under "bead shops". I remember this problem from when I first got "beaddiccted" - I knew what I wanted, but didn't know what to call it or how to ask for it. You need to search under (depending on the budget) "silver-plated" or "sterling". Beads are generally sized in mm - your 1/8" are prob 2 mm - 1/2" is roughly 12 mm. Sterling is not as expensive as you think - you will prob pay about .02 each for the teeny ones, up to about .40 each for the 8-10mm size (depending on the qty. you buy and from where, this is just a rough idea). 'Victor H. Levy Inc.' in Los Angeles carries these beads. They are solid brass and plated with gold or silver. The 1/8" size runs about 10.00 per 1000 pcs or 3.00 per 100 the 1/2" bead are 7.50 per 100 pcs. Contact 'Gary Fine'.