'Pures' Frames Needed.

Q: I'm looking for purse frames, as I enjoy making beaded evening bags. I've sort of gone through all that 'Lacis' has. Does anyone else know another source? I can see that there are purse frames for sale in the 'Delica' Japanese books, but can't read the Japanese to send for them. Any other sources?

A: 'Betcey' at 'Beyond Beadery' has some for the smaller bags. You can see a picture of hers at: http://members.aol.com/beyondbead/ on the page: http://members.aol.com/antler111/pursefrm.html Also, 'General Bead' carries a variety of them: http://www.genbead.com/purse.htm Try 'Fire Mountain'. I just saw some in their new catalog. They may have what you want, and are reasonably priced and reputable. http://www.firemtn.com/