"Raspberry" Ball Closure.

Q: I've had a couple requests for instructions for this, so I thought I'd post them here. I originally learned this from a posting here by Jerrilynn. I've used the 'raspberry' ball in place of an 8mm bead if I didn't have one that matched.

A: There is an example here: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/ViewPhoto?u=230559&a=7553093&p=25773388 At the end of the bracelet, instead of adding an 8mm, add an E / size 6 bead. Add 3 size 11 beads to the thread then pass up through the bottom of the E so that the 11s are wrapped around the outside of it. Add 3 more 11s, go through the E again so that the second row of 11s are lying next to the 1st. Repeat until the entire E bead is covered. Jerrilynn's instructions suggested adding a single 11 to fill in at the top hole of the E bead, but I found it wasn't necessary, if you added enough rows of 11s they sort of filled in the gaps at the holes of the E bead automatically. Weave your thread back into the bracelet and secure - you're done! You wouldn't by any chance post instructions for how you make that beautiful lattice on that bracelet would you? If it's a private pattern that's okay, but if you're willing to share it, I'd love to know how to make it. Do you have the 'Horace Goodhue' book? I forget what page it's on (and don't have it at hand) but in it there's a section on 'fancy ladders' and this is one of them. You make the middle and lower loops on the first pass, then go back and add the upper loops next. Let me know if you need more detailed info, if I can remember to bring the book to work that is. I thought you guys might enjoy this: http://www.themestream.com/gspd_browse/browse/view_article.gsp?c_id=1... A barrette using the beaded backstitch. The design is based on African cloth. This new pattern just went up a few days ago.