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Q: I just wanted to update those of you who have so graciously answered some of my recent questions and listened to some of my rants. These two show the results of my personal plastic challenge. The white beads in the purple one are actually ivory colored rose beads. The tabular beads are glass, the rest are plastic and "genuine lucite" (no kidding, the tag on the original piece actually said that!).

A: Your pieces are very interesting. The restrung piece is gorgeous and I also liked the blueplast a lot. You did a great job with the purse, and yes, they were definitely lined. Moire or silk would be good for the lining. I don't know about vintage purses, but I rarely line mine. Most that are made with loops of beads are "amulet" sized, and lining them would amount to stuffing them - which I do with scented cotton balls or such. I've lined a couple of beaded "coin purses" - flat, evelope style ones, by continuing past the beading with 'SC' to equal the length of the beaded portion, then sewing the bottom shut, and turning it to the inside. I own a beaded purse that once belonged to my great-grandmother (family treasure! Mom is 93). Would you call that "vintage"? It is lined with fabric. Mother had it stored inside out, beads inside, to keep them from getting snagged in her dresser drawer. Your bag turned out beautifully! As others have posted, many vintage bags were lined at the time they were made. While the lining may not stand the test of time (often vintage purses will have torn linings), the bags themselves, with reasonable care, can last quite a long time.