Recipes for rose beads and beads made of herbs or spices

Q: I have found information of the existance of beads made from rose petals and spices. Does anyone have any recipes and historical documentation?

A: I would like to share my research with you, but at the moment the manuscript is in the hands of a publication and I'm hoping it will appear soon.(Roses, Rosarium, Rosaries) There are some simple recipes using fragrant rose petals that are cooked and dried and strung. Using a pliers type tool, some are impressed with a 'design' that makes an appearance of petals. During the war (WWII) in Long Beach, CA there was a company making beads using different flower petals. Depending on the material used and the fragrance given the batch, the beads had various scents and colors. Rose petal beads were used in the making of prayer beads as well as personal adornment. Some antique beads still retain their fragrance when rubbed or worn next to the body. The current issue of either Jewelry Crafts or Bead and Button has a set of instructions for making rose beads.