'Sea Anemone Bracelet'.

Q: Does anyone know if there is a place on the web that gives directions on how to do a 'Sea Anemone Bracelet'? Do they need to be made on a loom? I went to a show and saw one, and loved it.

A: The 'Sea Anemone Bracelet' is from a booklet by 'Diane Fitzgerald'. It's really not expensive, either (~$7)....and yes, the true 'Sea Anemone Bracelet' is done on a loom. 'Diane' owns 'Beautiful Beads' in Minneapolis, MN, and teaches all over the country. I believe 'BeadNet' will have an address for 'Diane's' store. There was a similar bracelet on the 'Jewelry Crafts' webpage (not quite as lush as 'Diane's' IMNSHO). I suspect you could make the base using square stitch if you didn't want to loom, but I think you'd run into problems with the amount of thread going through the holes (and being able to work the needle in and out)...your mileage may vary. Wheat's advice on a rigid loom is really good. I have done a similar bracelet on a wooden loom, and it gets a little tough since the bracelet base "flops" a bit when you are stitching the top stuff, if the loom flexed, too, well - think of needing 8 hands or so... :-) I was thinking of doing my next one with a peyote stitch using 'Soft Touch' 0.010 for more strength in the base (I just got the 'Soft Touch' the other week and it seems nice, but I haven't tried it yet). One last word. The bracelet I have (several of us in my beading group have made them) is made with a base of size 8 hex. They lay nicely when in rows next to each other, and give the bracelet a flatter feel on the wrist. We also add charms and lots of different size beads on top - they even have themes - white and gold, frogs and flies, greens, etc. Have fun with it! You can do a base using square stitch instead of loomwork and embellish it with fringes I guess. I haven't tried this, but if it will work with peyote and loomwork, there is no reason why it wouldn't work with square stitch. You would have to hang the fringes between each bead of each row. I have tried the loomwork version.