Semi-Precious And A Thank You.

Q: Everyone was so helpful when I asked my question about making a rosary that I had to thank you, as I came back to ask another question. I'm looking for an online source for 'hemitite', and other assorted semi-precious stones, as well as pendants and charms made of such, anyone have a good link?

A: Try 'Fire Mountain', or better yet, 'South Pacific Wholesale' ( The minium order is only $50, and that's not half bad! Plus, they're super nice. 'FM' minimum is $50, 'SP' is only $20, last I checked, and the 'SP' folks usually get my order to me in about 4 days if I order with a credit card ('SP' is only the next state over, so yours might take longer). Also, for a zillion shapes of hematite, try 'Texas Beads'( Don't mind the broken English - the quality is good, and the prices are great!