Size Of Clear Elastic For Crystal Bracelets.

Q: I was wondering what size of elastic is the best for the 4mm Swarovski crystals? I notice they come in sizes .5mm, .8mm and 1.3mm. I've been looking around on the web, but figure this is the best place to find out.

A: We sell mostly the .5 mm clear elastic at $40.00 per 100 yards. 'Fire Mountain Gems' in Oregon carries Clear Elastic Cord in two sizes: .5mm and .8mm. The smaller size would probably fit in the beads you are interested in using. I would also like to mention that 'FM's' Clear Elastic Cord sells for $9.00 for 25 meters (about 27.34 yds). If you order 2 spools, the price drops to $7.10, and if you order 3 spools, the cost is $5.57. The larger size is slightly more expensive $9.56 / $7.47 / $5.93. You can reach 'Fire Mountain' at: 1-800-423-2319 Very nice people to deal with.