Snaps And Such.

Q: Visit the jewelry section of '' to see some amazing and beautiful "bead=anything with a hole" jewelry made from very ordinary things (I have no personal connection with the site, I just saw things I knew would inspire folks here).

A: Can you be a little more specific? There's a huge jewelry section, and I did a search for earrings as an example, and it came up with 12 pages of stuff to display. If you could guide us to a particular artist, or category, that would be more helpful. I didn't write down the artist, but I remember she had an oriental sounding name, and I think the url is If I remeber correctly, the only pieces she had were necklaces, and there are a lot of other artists in the jewelry section you'll be interested in, too. The site is and the artist is 'Tina Fung Holder'. If you do a search on her (under artists) it will take you to a lovely, and innovative site.