Source For Plastic Tubes?

Q: I have a friend who needs an inexpensive source for 2" to 2 1/4" plastic tubes with caps. She is using them to contain needles in bead kits she is selling.

A: They have those in the new 'Fire Mountain' catalog. They have several lengths of platic tubes with screw-on white caps. Here's the manufacturer - I ran across it chasing beadmaker links: I do not use the plastic tubes because they do not hold all the different size beads I use. I use the stacking/twist containers. They run $2.99- $3.99 for the small size. Got any sources for those at a cheaper price? When you get so many beads that the stacking containers no longer work, you might try my idea. I simply put the beads in baggies and put them in plastic shoeboxes you can get at walmart for 88 cents each usually. I sort them according to color for my glass beads, and according to type for my gemstones. Then when I'm working on something, I just pull out what I need onto my work surface, and then replace it in the proper box when done, theoretically anyhow! I made computer labels for each box and sorted them on a shelf where I could find them. Now, if I ever finish sorting the beads that I used to have in little plastic drawers and stacking boxes I'll really be organized! LOL I don't recommend the little plastic drawers because I was always pulling them out to find something, it took me longer to find beads than it did to make things with them, and I had the same problem with the stacking towers.