String That Will Not Break?

Q: I need to find a type of string that is thin enough, and flexible enough to use for intricate weaving, but that will not break, even if it is handled roughly. I have used fishing line, which breaks, and sewing thread, which breaks. For single strand things, I use 'Tiger Tail' or 'Beadalon', but obviously this will not work for the weaving. Does what I am looking for exist?

A: It depends on how thin you need it, but 'Coats and Clark' button thread is virtually unbreakable. You can find it next to regular thread. Kat - I C Q # 17605291 'Kevlar' thread might work for you. Also, I've heard the .010 size of 'Soft Touch' is thin and flexible enough for beadweaving, but I haven't tried it myself. Try 'Silamide', a waxed bead thread. It is available through most bead supply houses. I wasn't able to square stitch with it, but it might be okay for peyote, or other stitches that don't change directions so often. I use 'Nymo', doubled when necessary, but a lot of people will use 'Silamide' for this. The first thing I did with my sample of .010 'Soft Touch' was try peyote stitch, using size 10s. It will bend all the ways you need it to, but it is still too "springy" to snug up properly - you end up with a lacy-looking thing instead of solid peyote stitch. Yeah, that is exactly what happened with square stitch. It was hard to work, too, because it kept trying to move in my hand. No, it doesn't. I use a lot of 'Hematite', which is heavy, and will eventually wear out the thread. I even tried this stuff called 'Spider Wire' that is supposed to be stronger than 'Kevlar', and it didn't work. It's made by 'Soft Flex' (and you may want a larger diameter of either 'Soft Touch' or 'Soft Flex', depending on the weight of the beads). You can buy it at a lot of local beadstores or online sellers, or if you need a lot (or want information about just which you need), see I purchase it from 'Bubble's Bead Shop' in Clearwater, Fl. I also have purchased it from 'The Bead Need' in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. If you put in search for 'Silamide', you will find some internet sites that sell this product. I found that it outlasts 'Nymo', and doesn't fray or shred. This nylon blend thread was originally manufactured for 'Tailors Sewing Men's' wool suits, and beaders caught on to it. They have recently been talked into packaging it for beaders. I've seen it in different size spools - 40 yd, 150 yd, 600 yd and 900 yd. I pay about $6.50 for a 900 yd spool.