'Swarovski Crystal'?

Q: I want to make a sun-catcher for a very special cousin of mine. He has 'Down Syndrome', and is mentally retarded. Quality won't matter to him, but I would like the sun-catcher to be visually attractive. Any suggestions?

A: 'Swarovski Crystals' will indeed make rainbows - many beautiful ones, and they are available in many "masculine" colors. They are a high quality lead crystal, and should make a gorgeous sun-catcher. :) You may also find that even if quality doesn't matter to your cousin, it may matter to you. To reach me by E-mail, send to moonwolf@ici.net. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the spam was getting to be too much! Please make it "child proof", that is where no parts can break off! Also, no sharp bits. I also have a son who has 'DH', and he likes to put things in his mouth! I now have to re-do a nice piece of beadwork after he got hold of it! I had dinner at a friend's parents' house on Monday, and I was staring up at the crystal chandelier so long that his mom asked what I was thinking. I said "Think of all the jewelry I could make with those!" Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I never thought to make it childproof! That is a good idea, though. My cousin is an adult and usually doesn't take things apart, but you never know when inquisitive hands will want to investigate new things! You can get Swarovski chandelier drops in several shapes/sizes - General Bead has them in their catalog. Also, check scientific supply places - you can usually get prisms intended for "light" experiments and such (cheaper than the Swarovski ones!) - maybe wire wrap one of these, or glue on some sort of bail to hang it by.