Thanks For The Help.

Q: How did you get those rosebuds beaded in the center of the others (I'm sure there's probably a simple answer to that, but....)? I really like the look of it.

A: A few months ago, I was looking for tigereye seed beads to make something for a friend who was coming to visit. I'd like to thank everyone for the help they offered. When my friend came over, she brought beads from a hematite necklace that broke. I told her I would try to restring it for her. I was a little nervous as I mostly use seed beads. Anyway, after much stringing and restringing, I finally came up with something I liked (and I'm happy to say she did too). If you'd like to see it, here's the link to my beadwork page. I'm hoping to update it and add more, but I tend to procrastinate. I used a thin 'Soft Touch' (can't remember which size) for the body, then did a lot of weaving with 'Nymo' for the rosebud beads and dangles. Nice work! 2 comments - you could have done the rosebud inserts with a wire unit, loop on each end. That would change the way the necklace hangs - might be nicer, or not. while I was looking at that, I checked out the other pics - I REALLY like that honeycomb net on the vase - where did you find the instructions for that, or did you work it out yourself?