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Very New To Beading, Need Help!

Q: I saw a hairclip that was a barette with basically beads threaded onto wire, and stuck onto the clip. I would like to make something like that myself but don't know where to start. Any ideas anyone?

A: These are great cuz they give the look of a hair wrap without the wrap, and you can use lots of beads instead!! I buy the little clips from 'Cindy Tipton' of 'Cindy's Crafts'. LMK if you need a link to her website. Get a barrette finding (these are called "French clips"), a spool of craft wire (should be 24 gauge or finer - higher gauge numbers mean finer wire), and beads you like. You'll also need a pair of wire cutters or tough scissors. All these things are available in most craft stores - look on the jewelry aisle - as well as finer versions from jewelers'/ beadworkers' suppliers. Once you have your supplies: 1. Cut off a workable length of the wire - 3 feet or so should be more than enough - and fold it in half. 2. Thread the folded end of the wire through the hole at one end of the clip, and pull the two loose ends through the gap between the wires to secure the wire on the clip. The midpoint of the wire will be attached to the clip, with the two ends free. 3. Pull the ends together (so the two halves of the wire are parallel), and string the beads onto the two parallel wires. String enough to cover the top of the clip. 4. When you reach the other end, push the two ends through the hole in the end of the clip. Adjust the beads if necessary to fit.