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Q: From where are you planning to import these beads - India?

A: I assume your comment is based on overall quality of the beads, and you are right, but I find I sell far more beads from India than I do other beads. Maybe it has something to do with more people being able to afford them. I would love to only have the highest quality beads for sale, but then I limit my market. A child with $5 to spend is more likely to buy a 30 inch string of India beads than a couple of higher quality beads. They "work" used in garden ornaments... on the string/wire to hold up wind chimes & those "junk mail" CD's (throw pretty rainbows all over the yard, and supposedly keep birds out of the fruit trees). Also, my kids like them - they're a cheap bribe for good behavior.... I agree. I hate it when people try to pass off anything not Venetian as "Venetian". These are from India, and NOT from Venice, France, Germany, Japan, the Czech Republic, or the former Czechoslovakia. It might be of interest to note that the beads made in India are done pretty much the same way they were done in early Venice. I'm talking 1800 and before. Look at some really old Venecian beads, and you'll see quite a bit of similarity. They don't possess the modern equipment used in Venice today, so lack that modern, refined quality. It's interesting that they have the overall technique to be really good, but lack the initiative to do so.