Who is 'CWW'?

Q: Who is this supplier 'CWW'?

A: I might be wrong on this one, but my guess would be that it is 'Carol Wilcox Wells' in Asheville, North Carolina. My hubby sells bead storage containers on our website, http://www.skypoint.com/~gadget I am his best customer, I have 20 of these trays, and mine hold everything I own: All my cabs in one, all 11s in another, etc... The big ones are great for larger stuff. I use a smaller plano for my needles and stuff, then I also use some pretty cool cosmetic containers which I pack full of whatever color beads in the little boxes he sells if I am going traveling. Last year when we went to my mother-in-law's house for a week, I packed our car so full, we didn't have room for the clothes! Anyways... if you're looking to clean up your storage mess, I'd check it out, but then again, I married him 21 years ago, so I am very partial to him, and what he sells.