Craft Fair Ideas

Craft is your favorite hobby and you know that you are good at it. You want your craft to be seen by people and also want to earn an income out of it. Craft fairs are a good place to start, where your craft work will find a good audience and you also get an opportunity to interact with different craftsmen. You should have some craft fair ideas to make your stall at the craft fair a success.

People visit craft fairs to see the different crafts, and therefore presentation is very important. The success of your stall will mainly depend on how you display your work. If the type of craft you are presenting is also done by many other participants in the fair, then presentation becomes all the more important, as you already have a lot of competition. Make your displays unique or interesting which will attract people to your stall even though similar work is being displayed elsewhere. Also giving free gifts with your items is another sure way of attracting a crowd, and make sure to mention this on a display which is clearly seen by people passing your stall.

It is important to let people in a craft fair know who you are, and your info should be clearly displayed on your table. Many businessman or store owners might just come to find out good craftsmen and may not buy anything immediately. Print some good looking business cards and put them on the table for people who want to contact you later. Also make it a point to tag all your craft work that you display with your contact information. You can even attach your business card with a ribbon on to the product. The buyer will always then know where to contact if he needs similar things in the future.

An excellent presentation will attract visitors to your stall and then you need to gather their information. You can have a book where people can write their opinions about your work with their name and contact info. In the book you can have a column asking whether they would like to receive mailers or email from you.

In a craft fair anybody can turn out to be your potential client, even other crafters and artists. Hence it is a good idea to interact and exchange information with other participants. You can make a favorable comment on something you have liked in other stalls and then exchange your business cards.