Craft Fair Organizers

Craft fair organizers make a decent income and you can too if you feel your area needs good craft fairs. You will need basic business skills but a strong knack of selling. If it is the first time you need to plan several months in advance and gather all the information you can.

Craft fair organizers first need to know about the good crafters in an area, and your search should begin immediately, by trying to find the people who are doing craft as a hobby or a living. This requires networking and making new contacts. The best way to begin is to visit craft fairs which are currently being held in other areas. This will give you the opportunity to meet the crafters first hand and also see their work. You should be a crafter yourself to know the quality of work which is displayed. You might be surprised to find many of the stalls are displaying stuff they have gathered from some cheap shop and want to make a quick buck. Real crafters, who are good, are comparatively difficult to come by, as craft needs patience, creativity and passion for the craft work. Such crafters are the key to craft fairs being successful.

Judging from the list of crafters you have gathered you will need to decide if you want to have a craft fair based on some theme. If there are many crafters who are making similar crafts the theme will automatically get set by such products. If you are nearing a festive season the theme can be set to bring out the spirit of the holiday season in your fair.

Once you have enough good crafters who are willing to participate you can search for the venue where you will hold the craft fair. You have to show your credibility as a craft fair organizer when you rent a venue and being a member of various craft associations will be a big help in this matter.

Craft fair organizers should be very good planners and once they are able to hold a craft fair successfully, the word will spread automatically. Holding a craft fair needs business acumen and at the same times a good knowledge about different crafts. You can gauge the success of a craft fair by the money made by the different crafters who are participating. Once the craft fair you have organized is a success, the crafters will start contacting you about the next event you are going to hold.