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The Craft Shop

The Craft shop is an online crafts web site selling all possible craft supplies. The original company is based at Brooklyn, New York and deals with a variety of different craft supplies like supplies for wood crafting, drawing supplies, sculpting etc and also provides office and school supplies, drawing supplies etc for sale.

The best feature of the Craft shop is probably the toys section. There are so many useful toys, which can be selected according to the age group of the children. The building blocks and pretend play are for a bit older kids. There are Puzzles for a bit more older kids and also toys for the early childhood group.

There are many things which are provided to meet the requirements of the scout girls. Girl scouts scrap booking kits, fabric brads; mini memory kits, memory kits, designer paper etc are just some of the items belonging to the long list.

Religious items like the menorahs, Chanukahs, Musical Chanukah candles, small wood dreidels, silver dreidels, large gold dreidels and carved and immensely awesome Havdalah candles in varying sizes are also available here.

The Craft section has lots of categories like the puzzle art, picture art, the fabric art, patriotic, weaving crafts, leather craft, metal craft, candle making, soap making, masks, puppets, all about me and beads etc are the different types of craft available over here.

The other knick knacks available are stickers in all possible colors and designs, which can be used for decorating any other craft item or just to enliven your refrigerator or the scrap books.

The artists need not feel left out on the craft shop web site. The Craft shop has got everything the artists or the painters may ever need. They have got wonderful paint brushes and excellent paint sponges too. These sponges come in a variety of designs like the butterflies, flowers, numbers, animals, animal foot prints, people sponges, Noah's Ark, vehicles, Chanukah's synthetic sponges, and much more. These sponges are an excellent way to paint and create perfect looking paintings in a jiffy. The sponges come along with a complete kit of paints and all other related tools, so that even a person with little or no painting skills can actually draw excellent and awesome paintings.

The Craft shop has got something for every one, you only need to search there. What ever your craft needs, expect to get them fulfilled at the Craft shop.