10 Year Anniversary Gifts

There are certain predetermined or predefined gifts for each year of the wedding anniversary. So the traditional 10 year anniversary gifts are predefined to be made of tin, the modern 10 year anniversary gifts are made of aluminum, whereas the alternate modern 10 year anniversary gifts are definitely the ever lasting diamonds.

Now if you want to follow the traditional approach, you might feel a bit perplexed about the kind of gift which would be made from tin. So here are lots of ideas for the 10 year anniversary gifts made of tin. Pewter is a unique metal or a combination metal which contains around 84 to 98 per cent of tin in it. More over the look of the Pewter created stuff is wonderful. You can choose form the pewter photo frames or even keep sakes. The best idea is to personalize your gift what ever metal you may choose. Just get a personalized photo gift of the couple framed in the pewter frame and if you want to gift it to your partner, then also the idea of a personalized pewter photo frame would work. But the photo you choose can be from a special moment shared together.

There are other gift ideas with pewter or tin too, like the tin accented jewelry, decorative mirrors with a tin frame, pewter craft and sculptures to be used as show pieces, fire place accessories etc.

If you decide that tin or pewter is just not your cup of tea, then you can always go ahead and choose a modern alternative 10 year anniversary gift, made of aluminum. With aluminum, again you have the option of gifting a wind chime made of aluminum rods, a fishing rod, aluminum framed rocking chair, an aluminum bake ware set for the kitchen, aluminum sculpture items, aluminum garden decorations and even flower vases made of aluminum and even flowers made of aluminum.

The other option for people who do not want any of the tin, aluminum and the pewter stuff are the good old diamonds. If you can afford them then you should not think of any other option. Diamonds are universal in preference and can be used as a unisex jewelry option. You can always gift a diamond jewelry set to your wife and if you are the wife, you can gift your husband a diamond studded watch or a diamond cuff link, which ever suits your budget and preference.