15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Arguably, no woman, her age notwithstanding, can resist the seduction of the candlelight and flowers custom. Therefore, this can be one of the easiest wedding anniversary gifts even in the 15th year of wedded life. In these times of several collapsing marriages, to stay married for 15 years is quite a significant achievement, and one that merits a huge celebration. While at it, romance should be the key to unlocking her heart.

Every anniversary, right from the first to the 100th, if you are lucky to live to that age, has its own special anniversary gift; for instance, a gemstone or flower associated with it. Consequently, your 15th wedding anniversary gift is expected to be a combination of either the traditional or modern gifts symbolizing the number of years you have been together as lawfully wedded man and woman. To make it easier, here are some ideas.

Crystal is the traditional theme for the 15th anniversary. It may be a bowl, plates, glasses or photograph frames. Crystal adds instantaneous class to any d?cor, and instills some sort of simple sophistication anywhere it is put. If the wedded woman for 15 years really likes crystal, she is likely to welcome an addition to her collection. Secondly, you may buy her a watch, especially if she is always late for almost everything - whether it is dinner, a movie or a family reunion. Handing her a wristwatch may be a good idea, which is in fact within the contemporary/modern theme ideas for the 15th wedding anniversary. From a stylish designer watch to a simple water proof one, anything will work. It is the thought that counts.

You may also entice her with jewellery, but ensure it is embroidered with rubies, the gemstone theme of the 15th wedding anniversary. Understandably, most if not all women adore jewellery, no matter how much they may be having tucked in a closet somewhere already. An anniversary kit containing rubies, a ring or pendant is not a bad start.

Interestingly, more than any other anniversary, the 15th anniversary is the time to shower her with red roses, the established flower of romance and love, and indeed the flower of the 15th year. You can become a little creative by combining two theme gifts, maybe by filling a crystal vase with a striking bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. Remember to follow your heart, and you will never go wrong.