16th Birthday Gift

When a teenager turns 16, it is a great milestone in his or her life. The age of sixteen implies that the individual has reached a certain stage where he or she is ready responsibilities, and these could be instilled in him or her by gifting an appropriate gift that they can use.

The most common one, albeit the one that most parents deliberate about a lot, is a car. A car is a great option for students who need to travel or those students who have just started working. A car enables them to get to their college, school or workplace with a minimum amount of effort, and makes them responsible by understanding what it means to maintain something to expensive. It teaches them the habit of saving, as they will need to manage their allowance very carefully by monitoring gasoline usage and mileage. However, the disadvantages also exist, in the form that the teenagers might get slightly out of control because of having obtained a form of transport.

Another great gift for teenagers who have just turned sixteen is a cell phone. By this time, kids have an active social life, as well as the need to stay in touch with family if they are moving out of home to pursue academics. A cell phone is great to ensure that the kid stays in touch. This also means that parents do not have to worry about being able to check up on their child and can do so whenever they wish. This will also give the teenager the responsibility of saving, as they will have to monitor their phone usage and pay bills accordingly.

Teenagers may also like to have clothes, shoes, or other accessories depending on whether they are the fashionable types. These may be better suited for girls than boys, who may like to have cosmetic items like make up, clothes that are currently 'in', or footwear and other accessories like belts and scarves. Teenagers usually are extremely meticulous about what they wear and how they are seen in social circles, and so clothes would be a gift that will be greatly appreciated.

The best gift of all though, might be a considerable raise in pocket money. This will teach him or her the art of saving, and enable them to save towards a particular thing they might wish to buy in the future. This is a good idea if you are not especially sure what to get your 16 year old.