1 Year Anniversary Gifts

The first anniversary after your wedding is truly a memorable day. There is no doubt that the 1 year anniversary is a moment to treasure and also to reminisce and more than every thing a day to dream together for the innumerous years going to be spent together. The 1 year anniversary brings in a wonderful feeling that you both have spent a year in commitment to each other.

The 1 year anniversary also brings the though that you have been so blessed, because there is lot more of these anniversaries yet to come, and there are more years ahead than behind. A couple in love feel that the time has been flying since the time they met each other. So the 1 year anniversary usually comes as a surprise, because the couple more often than not feels that it has been just a while since they forts met. The wedding day seems to be celebrated just yesterday.

It is the wonderful feeling of love and togetherness that makes time to seem shorter. So now that the 1 year anniversary is here, the couple finds it terribly confusing to select a prefect gift for their spouse. The husband has an easier choice because there are so many options for women. Diamonds are a woman's best friend, says the tag line of a famous diamond jewelry brand. So accept that fact and try gifting your wife a breath taking and extremely beautiful diamond jewelry set. If you cannot afford the entire jewelry set, at least try and get a diamond necklace. Your wide will definitely love it. Women often look forward to gifts to use them but more than that they often look forward to gifts as excuses to brag about them to their friends and family. It makes them feel nice and pampered and they love boasting about the beautiful gift their husbands give them. This is a universal fact without regard to limitations or differentiations of nations or cultures. So husbands, remember to gift your wife some thing very enchanting. It need not be very costly; it only needs to profess your love for her and that feeling is the cheering factor for your wife.

Women! Do not despair; there are multitudes of gift options for your hubbies too. Select a wonderful diamond cuff link or a platinum ring. Platinum has become the latest craze in jewelry and owing to its subtle look, it suits men very nicely. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get that platinum ring or band for the man of your dreams.