21st Birthday Gifts

The 21st birthday usually focuses on the fact that a person is of legal age to drink and purchase alcoholic beverages legally. There are a few ways you can celebrate this milestone with the birthday boy or girl. You can find them a unique gift or something that is more serious. Keeping with the tradition that the birthday boy or girl is now legally able to drink there are quite a few drinking related gifts that would be appropriate, for instance:

* Beer goggles - a pair of goggles in the shape of beer mugs, playing on the fact that people become more attractive when we're drunk.

* Breathalyzer - a key chain breathalyzer determines if the birthday boy or girl has had too much to drink before getting behind the wheel of their car.

* Drink Recipe Book - this is a practical and fun gift for someone just turning 21. Even if they have already made some drinks there will be some in here they have never even heard of.

* Hangover Care Kit - an inevitable part of the 21st birthday. Gather a bottle of aspirin, beer and bloody Mary mix, washcloth, and a bottle of water to create a care package to soothe them the day after.

Although, the 21st birthday marks that all important legal drinking age, there are the young men and women, who do not drink much or at all. Here is a gathering of other serious and creative birthday gifts that include:

* Personal Thoughts - jot down 365 quotes, Bible verses, hopes, or wishes on paper and put them all in a jar and put a ribbon around the top with instructions to read one each day. These can be customized to your relationship with the gift recipient.

* Memory Books - create a scrapbook of the birthday recipient's achievements and special memorizes so far. Leave some blank pages so that they can continue filling it with their achievements.

* Star - you can register a star in anyone's name through The International Star Registry. This gift will create a namesake with a certificate listing such information as when the star was actually formed and to what constellation it belongs.

However you choose to celebrate the young man or woman's very significant birthday, it will always be special in their eyes because to them this is the one birthday that will always be remembered because they have become of legal age.