2nd Anniversary Gifts

Weddings are wonderful occasions and so are the anniversaries of the weddings too. The 2nd anniversary of a wedding means that the couple is now more stronger in terms of their marital bond, when compared to the 1st anniversary celebrating couples. That does not in any way mean that the people who live together for longer durations share the most strongest of the marital bonds. But it sure is the case in majority of the cases.

The traditional gifts associated with the 2nd anniversary are those made of cotton. So now the options are so many, for the reason that cotton is a wonderful fabric which is so multi dimensional in its use and practicality. You can think of so many cotton gifts for your partner. If you are looking for 2nd anniversary gifts for your husband, try those wonderful cotton shirts. There are so many colors and designs available, and wide variety of cotton available too. Some shirts are made of pure cotton that is to mean that the cotton percentage is 100, but there are some shirts that have a reduced percentage of cotton like say about 80 per cent or even 60 percent. Since you need to gift your husband a specific 2nd anniversary gift, it would be better if you could stick to those shirts with 100 percent cotton. These 100 per cent cotton shirts will not only conform to the traditional 2nd anniversary gift routine, but also are quite comfortable and advisable as they are excellent to be worn next to skin and keep the sweat out of the pores, without blocking them, and thus provide a comfortable feeling to the wearer of the shirt.

If your husband does not seem very excited about getting cotton shirts or if he already has many cotton shirts, then try gifting him a hammock made of cotton. But that will work only if you have the space to hang it like a garden or a back yard. Or another idea is to just gift him cotton under garments, which will keep the gift traditional and a bit naughty too.

If you are the husband and looking to give a wonderful 2nd anniversary gift to your pretty wife, then you really have lots of fun options. Gift your wife a cotton bath robe or a bath set of cotton towels and cotton bath robes. Take care to select her favorite color, so that the gift looks more appealing and a bit personalized too.