30th Birthday Gifts

30 is a unique age with lot of exciting possibilities attached to it. At 30 years of age, you already have a job and are probably settled with a home or at least paying instalments for your home loan and have married and may be you have already started thinking about starting your own family. 30 is also the age of having lots of exciting activity and adventurous fun too. People usually tend to be the most active during their 30's, after they have crossed their teen age. So naturally that makes a 30 year old person quite fond of adventures, challenges and oodles of naughty fun.

If your friend who is also your best chum is turning 30 and you need to select a special gift for him, then you would need some ideas for doing so. Take a while to think about your friend, what is the term which describes him perfectly? Is it the word macho or the word fun guy which comes to your mind at the first instance? What ever the word, that pops up in your mind, try using it as the cue for the further plans.

If your friend who is turning 30 and celebrating it too, is a ladies man, try sending him a wonderful set of exotic perfumes which is guaranteed to get him all the female attention he desires to have. Or try sending him home gym equipment, if he belongs to the fitness and health freaks group. Try sending him a photo album with all the photos of your common childhood friends and collected over the years. You can share the photos which you have collected for your photo album and be sure to find an exclusive photo album; probably the musical one would be just great. Watch him pleasantly enjoy the old memories as he flips through the photo album.

Or the best option to please him would be a personalized gift like a personalized T-shirt or may be a leather brief case. One thing you can never go wrong with is the watches. Buy a nice watch from a branded company so that he can proudly display it to his family and colleagues, and say that it is gifted by his best buddy.

If you want to gift a 30 year old female friend, then there is nothing better than sending her a wonderful jewellery set. If you can afford, then you should definitely try diamonds or platinum jewellery. If you cannot afford the entire set, then at least send a platinum bracelet.