3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

The third anniversary is marked quite more especially that normal at this day and age. After all, it is quite common to see that most couples have trouble getting to two. After the first year of excitement and blossoming newlyweds, going out everywhere together and more or less doing what every couple seems required to do at that time, it is at the second year that the realities and complexities found within married life will sink in, and hence, that is when the settling begins, and the couple really begins to realize what the rings on their fingers symbolize. This will be quite a rough transition time, and couples who make it to their third year are already considered to be quite fortunate and, more importantly, considered to be facing the crucial period of getting the hang of married life, or altogether realizing that they may just not work out after all. At the third year, many congratulations are to be had, for it is quite the achievement no matter how you look at it.

The third anniversary is both in traditional and modern times marked as the anniversary symbolized by leather. Possibly, this is to symbolize the innate strength and durability of the material that is hoped to be of the same strength of the marriage in the forthcoming years. If one goes by this leathery standard, one will see that the ideal anniversary presents which involve leather are also quite practical. Shoes are the most easily discernible presents, from sturdy and classy work shoes or boots for the men and classy elegant pumps and more for the ladies--since girls are far, far more finicky about shoe-leather than men who prefer more sensible shoes. Handbags for office or casual use are also most familiarly common of the leather theme and highly useful, along with wallets--symbolic for reasons as well, as the couple has now settled and must consider finances.

An alternate three-year anniversary symbol is crystal and glass, possibly to look at the classy, elegance of a marriage that lasted three years. Other practical presents come from this theme, such as glass food wares and beautifully decorative crystal and glass ornaments to decorate the couple's growing home--glass figurines or chandeliers, lamps and glass cabinets come to mind. It might also possibly symbolize the coming of baby bottles, as in the third year, the couple may show signs of beginning to start a family of their own.