3rd Anniversary Gifts

The couples who have completed 3 years of married life together are now more confident of themselves and their marital bond. They know that they have withstood many trials and tribulations in the previous 3 years, and are now a bit hardened to face many more in the coming years. The 3rd anniversary is a wonderful one to celebrate, because by now, more often than not, couples have started their family, and they have at least one kid. So they are now not only a couple but a complete family by now.

If it is your 3rd anniversary and you would like to get some awesome 3rd anniversary gift ideas, then you are in the perfect place. There are certain traditions connected with weddings, wedding anniversaries and also traditions that touch almost all parts of human life. So the tradition pertaining to the wedding anniversary gifts says that the best or the ideal gift for the3rd anniversary would be leather. There is usually a different modern option for every traditional wedding anniversary gift suggestion, but in case of the 3rd wedding anniversary, the traditional and the modern suggestions are one and the same. Modern and traditional concepts agree on the fact that the best 3rd anniversary gift is LEATHER.

So now you know what to gift on the 3rd wedding anniversary. If you are looking out to buy your wife a 3rd anniversary gift, then you have lots of options. Just buy your wife a wonderful leather jacket. If she does not want those, then there are so many options like, leather totes, leather bags, leather shoes, leather belts, leather cases, leather framed mirrors, you have so many options now, you just need to choose from any of these.

If you are the wife and looking for a wonderful 3rd anniversary gift for your hubby, then you can gift him a wonderful leather suitcase to carry to work, a leather cased diary, a leather bag, a leather shoe, leather case for his eyeglasses, leather key holders, leather jackets, leather wallets, leather belts, etc. If you are looking to gift your spouse a more costly gift and one which you both can enjoy, then why not consider getting a leather love couch so that you both can enjoy the gift.

The alternate modern options are crystal and glass. If you cannot find any worth while stuff in leather or already have a lot of leather items, you can always go for crystal are or glass ware as 3rd anniversary gifts.