3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

The choice of gift items for the third wedding anniversary varies according to the culture of the couples involved. If the person giving he gift decides to give a traditional gift, leather will do. Any item made of leather will be appropriate to give. Modern gift items for the same anniversary are mainly items made of crystals and glass.

Other simple items that could be given in addition to the traditional gift items are stuff such as lingerie and simple jewelry among other many options. The other factor to consider in this aspect is the person giving the gift, since it is always an influencing factor on the type of gift that can be given. If the person giving the gift is your spouse, then several options could be explored including an outing or a holiday that could serve as a retreat for both couples to take of some time from the busy hustle and bustle of modern life to reflect on the past three years of their marriage and to plan strategically for the future.

Gifts from parents and other older members of your family should be inclined to inspire you to achieve even more in your marriage. It is for this reason that some of the parents will always want to organize family get together for such occasions. In modern life, it is at times very rare to find quality time where the entire family can seat together and reflect on the progress of their lives. Every body seems to be busy and at times people work in different parts of the world or country and are only able to meet during end year celebrations or at times not at all.

Giving the couple a surprise gift of a visit by family members can be another interesting option. Incase there is a new born kid in the family; the family get together becomes a very important gathering where they can bond and get acquainted with each other.

In order to inject some excitement into the anniversary celebrations, you can as well organize for a band to entertain guests at your anniversary celebration. This move gives the celebration a memorable experience since the bracing of a famous performing band at a party or celebration is usually remembered for a long time to come. All this simple stunts make the anniversary celebration exciting regardless of the year of the anniversary.