4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The convention of giving certain items to mark a particular wedding anniversary has been passed down from the middle ages. The most traditional gifts that were given on 4th wedding anniversaries were fruits or flowers. These were not exchanged between the couple but there were also given by friends and family members as blessings to the couple. The more modern gifts are appliances. You could gift your wife a pasta maker, coffee maker or something she has been eyeing for a while. If you want to stick to traditional gifts you could get a bunch of red roses as they are the most well known symbols of love and togetherness. You could also get a basket of fruits like kiwis, strawberries, grapes or peaches.

If you want to buy your wife some jewelry you could look at buying her something that resembles a fruit or a flower. Like a rose ring, pendent, earrings or a bracelet. If you feel that your wife prefers more abstract designs you could look at getting her something in rose gold and hence keeping the tradition alive. The flower that is custom is the geranium which is usually associated with the meanings of gentility and comfort. You could gift a potted plant instead of buying a bunch of flowers that will wither in a week and watch it grow. You could also get her a fruiting bonsai plant. If you are looking for something in crystal you could go for a crystal flower or a gold plated flower of a crystal fruit bowl.

The common gemstones for the 4th anniversary are topaz and amethyst that are found in a variety of earrings, pendants or bracelets in any local jewelry store. If you are more the poetic type maybe you could write a poem to show him how much you love him. Since many customs include nylon and linen you could gift pajamas, backpacks or even sports memorabilia like the nylon t-shirt of his favorite sports team or his favorite player. If you want to make something for the occasion you could make a fruit pie or a lemon pie. You could plan a romantic dinner for him and make him his favorite dishes. You could also get him a sound system or even a mobile phone. You could get him a personalized pillow cover with a picture of the both of you on it.