5th Anniversary Gifts

Many people believe that the first five years of any marriage are the most crucial in the sense that they are the period of discovery and exploration when the two couples discover each other. It is also commonly rumored that until a marriage goes beyond the fifth marriage, you cannot be sure that you re well past the possibility of break up due to simple misunderstandings.

Getting to the fifth anniversary is a big achievement for many couple that is worth celebrating. The celebrations should be determined by the couple and other family members as well as the time of year. Traditional societies give wood during the fifth anniversary. The main reason behind the choice of wood as a gift item at this stage is because it is believed to signify strength and solidarity in a relationship. This is given at this stage in the marriage because it is believed that if a marriage reaches this stage and still exhibits stability then it likely to survive any further turmoil in the marriage that are likely to be encountered.

The wood is never awarded as a single item on its own during this anniversary. It is often accompanied with silver ware, a move that also depicts connectedness. The silver ware as a gift item was acknowledged both in old and modern settings. Unless your spouse is repulsive about silver it will always make a good choice for your fifth wedding anniversary. Many people like to feel special during such occasions. It is important to try and customize your gift if only to prove that it is not just like any other ornament that someone would easily pick from the pawn shop at the corner. If you have never customized a gift item that you sent to your spouse, try this on your anniversary and see the result. I must confess that it will work wonders.

Many people may fear customization due to the fear that it may be too expensive and others may also be at a loss over where or how to get their gift items customized. There are many stores that sell jewels and also do the customization at a little extra cost. It is however important to note that in case you would like to have your gift item customized, you would be better advised to make your order at least a few days prior to the date of the anniversary to give the store some time to carry out the customization.