5 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you have already completed 5 years of your married life and are looking forward to celebrating your 5 year wedding anniversary, then you would definitely like to know about the 5 year anniversary gifts.

If it is your 5 year wedding anniversary and you would like to get some overwhelming 5 year anniversary gift ideas, then you are in the just right place. There are convinced traditions associated with weddings, wedding anniversaries and also traditions that stroke more or less all parts of human life. So the custom pertaining to the wedding anniversary gifts says that the best or the perfect gift for the 5 year anniversary would be wood. There is more often than not a diverse modern option for every traditional wedding anniversary gift suggestion, but in case of the 5 year wedding anniversary, the traditional and the modern suggestions are one and the same. Modern and traditional concepts agree on the fact that the best 5 year anniversary gift is WOOD.

Wood is such a wonderful material which is used up so much in the daily life of each of our existences. So it becomes very easy to find out gift options in wood. If you need to find a 5 year anniversary gift for your wife, you can very well try gifting a wonderful wooden chest with lot of engravings. You can ad to the element of surprise by opting for a wooden engraved chest filled with exotic chocolates. She will surely love the idea.

Another option is to gift wonderful carvings made of wood. There are a myriad of options of these wood sculptures made specifically to symbolize love. You can select from the various designs and models and select the best romantic one you can find and gift it to your wonderful wife.

Another option is to gift wooden carved Welsh spoons, wooden jewelry, wooden photo frame, plants, books (as the paper used for the books are also made from wood) wooden wedding album, wooden jewelry boxes, wooden carvings of your names, personalized wooden wine boxes, hand crafted exotic wooden musical instruments.

The alternate modern 5 year wedding anniversary gift options is silver. You can gift silver ware, silver tea or coffee sets, silver gift mementoes, decorative kitchen ware, candle holders made of carved silver. Silver jewelry sets, silver coasters, silver trinkets, silver frames which will work as frame work for a romantic snap of both of you together.