60th Anniversary Gifts

Gifting is most probably the best way to show you love someone. The gifts need not cost a lot of money but they must be a way to show the person you love how much they mean to you. For a 60th wedding anniversary gift, you must remember that the color of the occasion is white. This is because of the popularity after the Queen's 60th anniversary celebrations. The 60th wedding anniversary is called a Diamond Anniversary. In Britain, one can receive a message from the monarch on their 60th wedding Anniversary. While it is easy to buy something off the shelf and give it to your partner, it is more personal if you are able to make something that shows the evolving of the relationship over the years.

You could make an album that has the pictures of both of you over the years. If you are looking to do something more elaborate you could make a time capsule that has your wedding invitation, your honeymoon pictures, your favorite restaurants menu card, letters that you have written to each other and even pictures of your favorite place. Make sure to include pictures of your children, grandchildren and include the important memories of the major events of your journey with each other like the birth of your children, their graduation and their weddings etc.

You could also plan a trip on a cruise as a gift. This could require some elaborate planning and you could ask your children for help. Make sure you have all the required documents and you could also plan a party to celebrate your anniversary which could double up as a bon voyage party. You must have discussed the places you have been meaning to go or a particular place your spouse has wanted to see, so use this opportunity as a way to show you have been listening and meaning to make those dreams a reality. One of the most well known gifts to give on a Diamond anniversary is probably a diamond. A diamond ring is probably the most common way of saying they mean a lot to you, but you have probably given that a couple of years ago.

Another gift that you could give your spouse is a bunch of flowers. Though there is no particular flower for the 60th wedding anniversary there is a color theme so any white flower will be apt for the occasion.