6th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The sixth anniversary is believed to mark the sweetness of the marriage. Traditionally, the ideal gift is candy. Candy is regarded as the best gift for the sixth anniversary. You can give various candy themed anniversary gifts. Here are some ideas to help you do that:

* You can give your wife a box of chocolates. Get her favourite flavor and present it to her. This will give the gift a traditional touch which is very romantic.

* You can also buy some melting chocolates from the local craft store. Get a heart shaped mold and make a good heart shaped candy for one another.

* A tour to the chocolate factory in Pennsylvania or Hershey Park can make your sixth anniversary more unique and memorable.

* Chocolate roses are also a good gift to give your partner. They make a perfect gift for the sixth anniversary.

* You can also order two chocolate bars and make sure the wrappers are personalized to make them more special.

* A vacation to Disneyland can give you a chance to spend some time at the Candy Cane Inn which is near the park gates. It gives the kind of environment you may need when celebrating the sixth anniversary.

There are a number of modern sixth anniversary gifts. They include stuff made of iron or wood. They are used to show how the relationship is strong and long lasting. At the same time, they can be used to show that the marriage can be made into something beautiful. Here are some of the modern sixth anniversary gifts.

* If your partner likes to keep fit, you can pay a gym membership as a gift. It is also a good gift to set a gym at home for your loved one. It will bring you closer as you will keep fit in the gym.

* If your wife is homemaker, you can buy some items to make her work simpler. Good laundry machines will make her work simple.

* If your man likes sports, get him an accessory of the game. A good track suit or a set of equipments will make good gifts.

* If you can not find anything little to give your partner, get a good set of chairs for your patio. This will make a good place for the two of you to spend good times.