75th Birthday Gift

Excitement and fun is involved always while celebrating birthdays, but a few certain birthdays which can be called milestone birthday of one's life absolutely deserve something extra. 75th birthdays are also known to be platinum; hence you need to even celebrate this day the platinum way!! Get your friends and family together, so that you can make this day the most memorable one for the person who's close to your heart. If someone close to you is about to celebrate his/her 75th birthday don't worry about what gift would make him/her feel happy. Here are a few things you could gift them which they will never forget all their lives.


This momentous occasion calls for a grand party. Though, if it can be a surprise party then that would be even better. 75th birthdays are very special; hence they should be celebrated in a very special manner. If your planning for a surprise birthday party, then you make sure you call all the family members and don't forget to call close friend of the person celebrating this big day of his/her life. To make this day more exciting you could also include thyme to the party for instance 50s thyme, beach thyme, Hollywood thyme, or even back to school thyme. What could be a better gift than seeing that big smile on the persons face?


Entertainment for 75th birthday could be extravagant, simple or little of both. Record a music CD with many songs of the decade he/she was a teenager. Play this CD as background music will definitely take her/him down the memory lane. You could write down some fun interesting events of his/her life and share it with all the guests during the event. You could put up a slideshow, take a few best photographs or videos of him/her and turn it into a beautiful slideshow with some lines added to each photo or video would be interesting and will make him/her enjoy every moment of it. Plan some entertaining and fun games which will make them feel young again.

Other gifts that could be given on 75th birthday

As it's the platinum birthday of the person's life you could buy something made out of platinum like charms, figurines or watches. You could also think of sending the person celebrating his/her birthday with their spouse for a short trip to a destination they love. If you alone cannot afford it then could also pitch in money from other relatives or friends and together sponsor the trip.