7th Anniversary Gifts

The 7th anniversary to some people can be regarded as special especially to those who place significance to the number seven as in some religious circles. Nevertheless, irregardless of one's believes there are gifts that can be ideal for this anniversary. One may go traditional or modern.

Traditionally the 7th anniversary gifts are copper and wool.

1. Copper gifts may include jewelry, sculptures among others. For instance, one could get a lovely copper wine chiller as a gift to a couple celebrating this anniversary

2. Wool: For wool, one may give a friend a woolen couch blanket to cuddle up under when watching TV. Also a spouse may take the partner to a wool producing area for a romantic trip. To make it even more special, it can be a seven day trip, each day for each year spent together.

A woolen sweater can also make a good gift especially if the anniversary falls during a cold season. One should be careful to take into consideration the color preference of the recipient.

Under the modern scenario the 7th anniversary gifts are brass and desk sets.

1. Desk sets: They are more popular than the brass gifts. An example of gifts under this category is a personalized executive desk set complete with a clock and two pen holders. To make it more personal, one may have a special words inscribed onto the set or on the clock face where they can be seen by the spouse easily.

2. Leather briefcase: This can make a good gift for the husband who carries paper work in and out of the office. There are a variety of colors to choose from including black and dark brown.

3. Computer: This gift is not necessarily restricted to gifts that can be exchanged between spouses but a friend can also give it. A new computer may be bought where there was none before or even to replace an old one.

A laptop can also serve as an option to the desktop computer.

Brass for the 7th anniversary gifts can be in the form of a lovely brass garden decoration. This gift is greatly appreciated by the woman who loves gardening and doubles up in changing the ambience of the whole area for the whole family.

Ideas for 7th anniversary gifts are inexhaustible. The secret is just to think out of the box.