90th Birthday Gifts

It is very easy to organize a birthday party for your 7year old or your teenager; you can do it without spending a sleepless night wondering what the theme will be but when it comes to your 90 year old grandmother or great grandmother it becomes a whole new thing. You could spend days getting this one organized and maybe one sleepless night in between. She was brought up in the 1930's; a wild party is not exactly on her birthday wish list. You want it to be all about her and not look like a you-are-almost-going-we-wish-you-well kind of party.

She is pretty old and one of the few to have made it past 70 but Just because this is a grown up party is no excuse to have it all quiet and gloomy. It's a party for goodness sakes; liven it up. She will want to see her grandkids in the party and when they get there, you have to have something to keep them busy. Have some karaoke and oldies music to remind her of her salad days and a clown to entertain the kids. Don't forget to invite some of her friends. Include some beverages, some alcoholic beverages for your adults and nonalcoholic beverages for the kids and the drivers. A birthday party for your granny is best done at her home, where she is surrounded by familiar faces.

Choosing 90th birthday gift is tricky because you never rally know what she want and what may be of use to her. You may know that she already has more then enough inspirational books and bibles to keep her busy and adding one in her library isn't going to cut it at all. Getting her a spa voucher is not going to be of use to her either; she might give it to her favorite grandchild at the end of the birthday party. I think the best gift would be to give her a treat...a remembrance of the past. For most of these people, they have done it all in this life and they have lived to see their grandchildren marry and have kids too. It will be great to look for a projector and show photographs of her through the ages. You can get these from her but if you are planning a surprise party it will be great to get these from the rest of the family; you can add some other gifts to this and don't forget the cards as well