Anniversary Gift Baskets

Whether you are selecting an anniversary gift basket for a one-year anniversary or a fifty-year anniversary, you can't go wrong with an anniversary gift basket. An anniversary gift basket will contain items that both parties will enjoy. There are a couple of things you will want to consider when choosing your gift basket, they are: what does the couple like to do together, what are their particular taste, and what theme are you going to use.

The couple is celebrating a milestone and you want to give a gift that is special and given from the heart. You will want to give a gift that will make the couple smile and show how much you care about the couple and their relationship.

An anniversary gift basket can be either purchased or to make it even more special you can create your own. There are numerous retail shops and flower shops that create gift baskets and even shops that specialize in gift baskets only. Gift baskets can be purchased that are pre-made or you can select the particular gifts you want and they will special make it for you.

Some items you might want to have in the anniversary gift basket might include:

* personalized photo frames

* his and her coffee mugs

* flavored coffees

* CD's or movies

* wine and wine glasses

* chocolates

* fruits

* a family tree

* framed photo of their children

If you are creating your own anniversary gift basket you might want to create a basket that is filled with cheese, biscotti, a bottle of wine, pair of wine glasses, crackers, a stylish cutting board and cheese knife set, sausages, petite fours, nuts, corkscrew, and chocolates. Gather all of your items and select the container in which you are going to place your items. A small picnic basket, plant pot, ice bucket, square basket, or even a travel bag, will make nice containers for this project. Arrange your items nicely in the container, you may need to tape or glue them in place, then surround the entire basket with colored or clear cellophane. Next, you will gather the cellophane at the top over the entire container and tie with a pretty ribbon. Add curling ribbons and a bow to make an elegant gift that is sure to please the couple.

The couple will be sure to appreciate a gift basket that can be enjoyed by both.