Anniversary Gift List

The history of anniversaries being celebrated goes back a long, long way, in fact wedding anniversaries are known to have been celebrated from around the middle ages. Traditionally anniversary gifts were selected according to what the anniversary represented each year by their symbols.

Anniversaries are celebrated not only to remember how long in years a wedding has lasted with both husband and wife living together, but it can be the commemoration of an important event relating to people, a country, a company, a building, a relationship and a host of remembrances including death anniversaries.

The following anniversary gift list can apply to any of the above. An anniversary gift list can be compiled from either the traditional or the modern gift list. Presently it is easier to find gifts under the modern gift list rather than the traditional gift list or you may even select an alternate which comes close to what that anniversary represents. Each year is represented by the material or objects it falls under and listed under traditional or modern gifts and is therefore quite easy to decide what to buy when trying to decide what to gift someone who is celebrating an anniversary.

Anniversary Traditional Gift Modern Gift

First Paper Clocks

Second Cotton China

Third Leather Crystal / Glass

Fourth Fruit / Flowers Appliances

Fifth Wood Silverware

Sixth Candy / Iron Wood

Seventh Wool / Copper Desk Sets

Eighth Bronze / Pottery Linens / Lace

Ninth Pottery / Willow Leather

Tenth Tin / Aluminum Diamond Jewelry

Eleventh Steel Fashion Jewelry

Twelfth Silk / Linen Pearls

Thirteenth Lace Textiles / Furs

Fourteenth Ivory Gold Jewelry

Fifteenth Crystal Watches

Twentieth China Platinum

Twenty-Fifth Silver Silver

Thirtieth Pearl Diamond

Thirty-Fifth Coral Jade

Fortieth Ruby Ruby

Forty-Fifth Sapphire Sapphire

Fiftieth Gold Gold

Fifty-Fifth Emerald Emerald

Sixtieth Diamond Diamond

Seventieth Platinum Platinum

Most of these on the traditional or modern anniversary gift list are generally selected for celebrating wedding anniversaries. Very often the milestone anniversaries of the later years marked with precious metals or gems are mainly observed by close family and friends or the spouse gifting each other the genuine thing as a token of their love and being together all those years.

It is usual to give gifts to the poor on each of the anniversaries of the death of a loved one in their remembrance. Though there is no particular anniversary gift list on these occasions some will remember the date by giving gifts of essential food items or money to the number of persons representing the number of years of that death anniversary or the age of the person at the time of death.