Anniversary Gifts By Year

Giving anniversary gifts by year has become a tradition. Some anniversary gifts by year may be different from country to country although most people follow set norms when celebrating certain anniversaries. For example, many celebrate the 25th anniversary with silver while the 50th anniversary is celebrated with gold. Nevertheless, depending on creativity of the people concerned, the anniversary gifts by year can take different forms and designs.

Anniversary gifts by year arouse feeling such as love, affections, respect etc. The idea behind giving them is to start life afresh. They rekindle fading memories and create new memories making lives memorable. Some give wooden gifts to celebrate the 5th year anniversary. It is lace for the 13th year. Nevertheless, people don't have to confine to these beliefs when deciding their anniversary gifts. Even with these themes, they can create altogether new anniversary gifts by year that never lasts in the memory.

Traditionally, after the 15-year, anniversary gifts by year are often combined with gems and jewelry especially if the anniversary celebrated can be divided with the figure five. Couples have good reasons to celebrate every year in between though 25th 50th 75th etc., are highly important milestones of their marriages and mostly symbolic with silver and golden gifts.

According to western tradition, wedding anniversary celebrations include gifts made of certain materials. For the first wedding anniversary, paper is in use though in the modern age, it has turned to be plastic. Second year celebration includes cotton while the third wedding anniversary celebrates with leather. In the modern age, third is celebrated with crystal or glass.

Fourth anniversary is celebrated with flowers while in modern time's linen and silk represents the fourth anniversary, while the 5th anniversary is celebrated with silverware unlike in the past when it was wood. For the sixth anniversary it is candy and modern use is iron. Seventh they mark with copper while the modern use is wool and brass. Eight anniversary is linked with bronze and 9th includes pottery though some take leather. Tenth anniversary is usually with tin although modern people celebrate it with gifts made of aluminum as well.

Likewise, steel is used for the 11th anniversary and in modern times, it is jewelry. Twelfth is in silk or linens and 13th is lace. For celebration of the 14th anniversary, though ivory is the traditional, gold is presently in use. The Fifteenth anniversary is celebrated with crystal and now it is watches. 20th anniversary is marked with China and the 25th, as we all know, celebrated with silver. The 30th wedding anniversary includes pearl gifts and 35th is with coral or jade. 40th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with rubies while the 45th anniversary is represented with sapphires. Traditional, or modern, the 50th anniversary is celebrated with gifts in gold.