Appropriate Wedding Gifts

Choosing the appropriate wedding gift for your friend who may be the bride or groom is a tricky affair. What you spend on the gift that you have bought to the newlywed is largely determined by three factors which are the venue of the wedding, what you have budgeted for as a wedding guest and finally, the kind of relationship you have with the bride or the groom. If it is a destination wedding, it is normally recommended to have just a bridal shower gift as the individual cost of attending the wedding will be very high. However, when the wedding takes place locally, then it is good manners to not only bring a bridal shower but also a wedding gift.

Whether you are attending a wedding ceremony as a part of the wedding party or as a friend, you need to determine the amount of money you will use to purchase the right wedding gift. In case you have been invited as a bridesmaid for a wedding that will take place out of town, you should first of all add up your cost of reaching the venue before you decide on the type of present you will buy.

The approximate cost could be in the neighborhood of $500 if broken down in parts for traveling which could be $200 and $300 for the bridesmaid dress. If you add to this, your monetary wedding gift of say, $100, then the total budget for the wedding will be $600.

One way of determining how much monetary gift you give should be equating the cost of the wedding gift with the amount that the bride and the groom paid for the reception on the per head basis. While those who subscribe to this school of thought believe that it is the best way to gauge what you spend on the gifts, others think that it should be dependent on the relationship one has with the bride and the groom and how much a person can afford.

As a way of helping people decide on the kind of wedding gift they buy for their friends or relatives, most people today have set up a gift registry that lets guests know what is the best to contribute. Cash gifts are not as good as home gifts because most people live together before they actually marry off and hence home gifts are preferred to cash gifts by many newlyweds.