Baptism Personalized Gifts

Different religions have different practices and the Christians have baptism as one of their rights of passage. Baptism is a practice where Christians go through some teachings meant to inform them of the doctrines of Christianity and how to practice it in every day life. This is supposed to lead to a change in behavior and perception of the baptized person and this is usually symbolized by giving the person a new name to signify a new beginning.

Just like any other course, baptism is considered as a course and upon successful completion; the candidate is always rewarded by a ceremony which precedes the baptism. It is at this time that friends and family usually get the opportunity to give the candidate any gifts that they may have for him/her. Since this ceremony is religious in nature, most of the gifts are usually inclined towards Christianity. They often include stuff like bibles, cards, pictures and other stuff that communicate the Christian message to the candidate.

Getting the gift items personalized makes them more relevant and important to the recipient. There are several gifts that can be given to the baptized person other than cards. Although cards are the most common, items that can be easily personalized since you only need to ask the store to imprint the candidate's name on the card and get it delivered to the candidate, bibles can be personalized as well.

Giving the candidate a bible whether old or New Testament is a very good idea at this particular event. it is however important to note that if you can, I would be advisable to strengthen the bible by giving it a hard leather cover to ensure it lasts as long as possible. The leather cover can be graced with the candidate's name on the back. Such a bible can be made to include a zip that can wrap it up when not in use. This gesture will give the bible longer life and guarantee the user better service.

Other items that can be personalized and presented to the baptized person could include relevant verses from the bible printed on a platter and decorated with the candidate's name on it. These act as good pieces of advice because the lyrics usually pass some teachings in life that could act as guidelines in the life of the baptized person. Other stuff could as well include portraits of Jesus Christ and ornaments that have meanings in the Christian religion but with the candidate's name on them.