Beach Wedding Gifts

More and more couples are opting for alternative weddings, some of the more extreme cases being the skydiving weddings and Star-Wars themed extravaganzas, but thankfully most common are the garden and beach weddings, for those looking for the traditional route with a little bit more elegant variety. The beach wedding is more especially favored seeing as how there is nothing that would better symbolize a new beginning than having the sun rise over the horizon on the endless expanse of the sea--for the very early morning beach weddings--and there is nothing quite more romantic, as countless movies seem to feature regularly in emphasis, than sunset on the beach for the late afternoon or early evening weddings. There is also the picturesque quality of the beachside that photographers love to capture and admirers like to look at, which makes it all the more ideal to make the day so much more memorable by giving the most ideal gifts, especially when best suited to the wedding theme.

Gift giving in weddings goes both ways: the guests provide with wedding gifts for the couple, and the couple gives wedding favors to the guests in gratitude for attending their moment of change in life. The most notable ideas for a beach wedding in terms of guest favors are to make aptly themed ones, most commonly seashells or sand art. For seashells, they can be given as high polished and personalized (and sometimes mounted) pieces on their own, or the couple can get creative by making bracelets or anklets or other ornaments with them, combining with other pretty pieces like sea glass or crystals and sand art. As far as sand art goes, they can be placed inside bottles or shapely glasses, or even art pieces and cards done in sandpaint.

Guest ideally choose to give practical yet suitable gifts. Glassware is very suited and prettily placed in the beach backdrop provided by the wedding, like glasses, jugs, jars and other things. Other beautiful wedding beach gifts could be pillowcases and blankets--with pure white ones most favored as it goes very well and first comes to mind in terms of a cool and elegant beach theme. Colorful pieces reminiscent of a summer wedding may also be utilized, like portraits or vases or even beach clothing for the happy couple's use immediately after the wedding. Best of all, in a beach wedding, one is straightaway at the honeymoon site, so gift vouchers for boat trips and snorkeling may be ideal wedding gifts as well.