Best Christmas Gifts

So we now have most of a year to get ready for the brutal Christmas season. If you are smart you will want to start thinking of everyone on your list and what they want now so that, when the season does roll around again you will be ready with some great gift ideas for the new Christmas. Maybe this year you can look a bit further afield than Christmas cards or gift certificates. Believe me there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than seeing the delighted smile on some ones face when they get something they really wanted and it was completely unexpected. Here are a few gift ideas for this coming Christmas that might just be a good idea to put on your list.

Always the first thing to consider is what the person's tastes are. Are they a techie, have a couple of cell phones, a lap top and work online? Then you might want to consider getting them the upgrade they have been talking about for months. I feel in love with a certain brand of laptop a couple of years ago and never had the time to go to the store and get it. My son got into his savings this Christmas and when I opened the package my delight wasn't just in getting something I really wanted but that my son cared enough to know what I wanted.

My wife loves to be pampered. She spends an extreme amount of time working on her appearance and is always talking about how she would love to spend a weekend at an exclusive spa and get a complete makeover. I combined the two ideas and gave her a weekend at one of the best spas in our area and one that included a great beauty make over as part of the total package.

Movies and video games, or the consoles to play them are also great gift ideas. If you're a movie or television buff, the complete season of your favorite show or the just released movie that you have wanted to see can be the perfect gift for you.