Birthday Gifts For

Why not make this birthday a memorable one with a present from the heart instead of one from the Visa Card. I cannot speak for everyone but I am tired of getting books, money, gift cards and clothing. Are there better ways to find a gift for someone you care about than going to the Mall? Sure there are and they are usually much less expensive. Think about something. If your friend or significant other really wanted that new book they could have just as easily gone online and ordered it. No, for a birthday present, and this idea does not include presents for teenagers and children, you should make it something personal and something they cannot buy for themselves.

One of the best ways to show that you care about a person is to gift them something that you made with your own hands. Do you have any craft hobbies or talents? Some people give knitted items or something made in the woodshop. Hand crafted items made by children are great ideas also. Last year I gave my sister a slide presentation, choreographed with her favorite music and it was the history of all of the various milestones in her life from childhood, through school and to the present day.

Last year I gave my wife a gift coupon book. All of the coupons were good for services by me. There were coupons for home cooked meals, some for a free massage or even doing all of the housework for a week or longer. You can really let your imagination go wild here and come up with all sorts of coupons and other gift ideas.

One additional birthday gift idea would be the creation of a gift coupon book. This particular birthday gift idea binds together a number of homemade coupons. Each of these coupons can be redeemed by the recipient and represents various special actions. For example one coupon could be redeemed for a massage or one coupon could be good for one homemade cooked meal or one coupon could be redeemed in which the creator of the book would do the household chores for that individual over a week's time. And think about the way the gift is given. You can make it a treasure hunt, giving the recipient hints to get them started on finding the clues and each clue gets them closer to the treasure. If you want each clue can be a small gift that gives a clue to the main gifts location.