Bridal Shower Wedding Gift

Bridal showers are meant to be fun occasions when the bride gets to display all her gifts received to the entire group of the invited guests. Bridal showers are usually held at the bride's mother's residence and the opening and display of the gifts is usually followed by a cocktail party or refreshments. The guests are all supposed to bring the bridal shower wedding gift, which the bride opens one by one and it could be called as a social display of all the gifts and presents the couple have received.

When the bride opens the gift in front of every one, you would not like your gift to be embarrassing or cheap, because it would be on full display to every one gathered over there. There are lots of choices for the bridal shower wedding gifts, but it is totally up to you to decide what you would like to select as your gift to the couple.

A good option is to check the wedding registry to find out, what are the items the bride has listed out in her wedding gift list. You can definitely select one out of the bridal wedding gift list and then go ahead and get it for her to be presented at the bridal shower wedding gift.

Some people do go over board and buy raunchy stuff for the bride, but it is always better to avoid such party dampers. The whole idea behind a bridal shower is pure and clean fun, so you should definitely ensure that you do not select gag gifts or gifts that are down right raunchy or vulgar.

Many people do consider giving money as the bridal shower wedding gift. That is not a very bad idea, because the couple can use the money as they please and can also use it to buy any special items they may have in mind. Some of the brides and the couples together, do explicitly ask their guests to contribute monetary gifts as a donation to the favorite charity of the couple.

The usual gifts excluding the monetary gifts are the house hold stuff like coffee machines, toasters, ovens, blenders etc which are usually put up by the bride on her wedding gift wish list. Another option is gifting a honey moon trip or if you cannot afford so much, you can at least gift a weekend resort stay for the couple.