Cheap Fathers Day Gifts

Father's day has been celebrated for many years. Many fathers have celebrated and some others feel abandoned by their families. You can take your time to honor you father on father's day. If you do not have much money to spend, you can make your father a memory book as a gift. It is a cheap father's day gift but he will appreciate it as it will keep him close to his family.

To make a nice memory book, you need a number of things. These include photos, scrap book, pens, glues, scissors, stickers, decoration papers and a good memory.

* When making the memory book, you should know that the pictures will play a major role. Put all your photos that include your siblings and the father. They should be from the past years and some current ones. These will show how you have come a long way together with the father. Do not exclude anyone in the family even if they no longer live with the father. This will ensure that you make a sincere memory book.

* Buy a good scrap book from your local store and all the other materials that you need to make the memory book. They can not cost much, and so you do not need to worry.

* When you have bought all the materials, select the pictures to use. You can use two pictures per page. Use your dad's favorite color to decorate the pages. Then arrange the pictures in a nice way and glue them on the pages.

* Write some special memories that the father has shared with the kids, and put the pictures beside the message. This can help him remember many forgotten memories that can bring a smile on his face. It will make the dad realize how much you appreciate and love him by letting him know that he has always been a part of your lives. This is the most important part of making the scrap book.

* Include other decorations like stickers to make the book more beautiful. Do not overdo it; just make it look like a good gift.

* Include the funniest moments spent with the dad. You can also tell about something that he does and you find it funny. Tell him about the moment he made you feel very loved and special to him.

* Give the book a simple title like` my dad'.