Christmas Gift Basket

One of the most memorable and unique gift ideas is the gift basket. Christmas is an especially good time to give a special Christmas gift basket. There are a number of company's on the internet that offer a very wide selection of Christmas gift baskets and all of these baskets are made especially to reflect the tone of the holiday season. Most of them are pretty generic however and not personal at all. These baskets are great for acquaintances or friends but if you want something more personal you have to either look further afield or make the basket yourself.

If you are planning to make the gift basket yourself you should first choose a theme for your gift, one that fits the personality or likes of the recipient. Unless your are extraordinarily extravagant with the contents it is easy to keep the cost of the entire gift under about $20 and adding a few extra touches like a card or some ribbon and bows, or even wrapping the basket in expensive paper will ensure that it will b appreciated.

Women love spa baskets. Get a basket, dress it up with a nice lining of some soft pastels or other muted colors and include, either store bought or hand made a selection of monogrammed wash clothes. In fact, the idea of a basket is overused a bit and you might want to be creative and use old large mason jars. Tie them up with fancy ribbons and make hand written labels and your are sure to touch her heart this Christmas season.

Everyone loves good food but food gift baskets are expensive at best. If you're planning on giving gourmet food baskets this Christmas you will save a great deal of money making them yourself and the food will be better quality and more suited to the individual. There are many different ways you can go with a food Christmas gift basket. You can put together a collection for gourmet chocolates or an Italian delight with sausages and pastas and a gift certificate to a local Italian delicatessen. And the price you will pay will be a lot lower than anything you can buy on the internet.