Christmas Gift Exchange

You probably have participated in one of those gift exchanges and know how much fun they could be. However, sometimes you may be really disappointed because of getting a present which you do not need at all or even you cannot use. That is why there are different approaches (variations) of the gift exchange.

The simplest one is having a limit of $20 for example and getting something for somebody. Anyway, as you already understood that is the worst possible approach as there could be lots of improper Christmas gifts which you have to throw away. Just think about that- one person could get earrings of $30 and gets soap or a shampoo of $5. It does not sound fair at all, does it? But that is not all- people do not even know whether they will be getting a Christmas gift for a guy or a girl which makes the choice even more difficult. Everybody knows how difficult it is to buy a unisex gift which is up to $20 and pretty at the same time. Let's be frank and say that it is a "Mission-impossible"! There is just no way somebody could find such a gift!

Anyway, most of the people who took part in Christmas gift exchanges of that approach have already realized that it is definitely not the best possible option. There is another approach which, undoubtedly, is fairer and the people are more likely to like what they got. Do you wonder what the "rules" of that approach are? Well, you are going to be told right now. Firstly, let's say that the name of this kind of gift swapping is "Dirty Santa". In that kind of exchange people just get presents without knowing who is going to be the present for. The first person picks a gift from the pile and opens it, then the next one decides whether he/she will steal the present (if he/she finds it nice) or will also pick a gift from the pile (if he or she does not like the present which the first person picked). The rule also says that a present which has been stolen cannot be stolen already! This way Christmas gifts will not be taken away from people who already found something which they like.

It is definitely a lot of fun and you will not be sorry if you take part in the "Dirty Santa" approach of Christmas gift exchange. It is much more likely everyone gets what they like most!